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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Growing Lilacs from Cuttings

Just now the lilac is in bloom
  All before my little room.
Rupert Brooke 

This quote made me smile as I remember that one of my granddaughters decided that the lilacs my daughter had cut and brought into the house *belonged* in her room.  "I need these" she declared.  

Few things can bring me as much joy as the lilac in full bloom.  The beauty of each perfect flower and the intoxicating scent fills my heart every single time.  Though the blossom is short lived, it always means that Spring with all her promise of growth and new life has arrived.

I think it is time to increase the number of lilac bushes at Estle Schipp Farm and I'm happy to report that it can be done from cuttings from existing plants. Here's how:

Growing Lilacs from Cuttings 
  1. Cut six inch stems from new plant growth. Older, mature growth is less likely to take root. 
  2. Remove all the leaves except for three leaves at the tip. Roots will grow from the area where the leaves were removed. 
  3. Prepare a pot with a light mixture of soil, sand and perlite.  If you are open to using it, moisten the stem and dip in rooting hormone.
  4. Make a narrow hole in the potting mixture with a stick and plant the stem.  Pat lightly so the stem stands upright.
  5. Keep the plant in a warm place, but not in bright light.  Water daily but never let the soil get soggy.
  6. It will take the lilac about two months to take root and start to have new growth but when you start seeing that, you have succeeded!  
I'm excited to increase my collection of lilacs in the garden in this very affordable way.  It will be such a sweet success to fill my home with the scent of lilacs in seasons to come. I hope you will add this lovely, old-fashioned floral classic to your gardens too!  

Peace be with you, 

Star Schipp 

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