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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The UnIntentional Mud Bath - Getting Stuck in the Mud

The world is mud-luscious and 
e.e. cummings

The snow is disappearing, the temperatures are rising and our barnyard is full of mud...all certain signs that Spring is near!

I'm not really sure why I didn't remember that the path to the barn becomes a mudbog...I was rushing between chores and work and getting the boys to school when the day started on a two hour delay.  I pulled up to the barn to feed the cats who were loudly complaining that breakfast was late.  One foot out of the car and I realized that the muddy days of Spring had sprung. Oh dear, please let me be able to drive out of this mess...please, please, please! 

Of course, I was already stuck...rock forward, no traction, reverse, no traction, turn the wheel, no traction...sigh...

After some time, I was able to pull free from the sucking muck.  My car shows the muddy badges of courage for facing the battle.  Remind me to go to the car wash on payday.  :)  

In case this happens to you, here are some tips to get yourself free:  

Stuck in the Mud? 
  • Do Not Panic and do not press harder on the accelerator - spinning your wheels will only make it worse.
  • Do push on the accelerator gently - put the car in the lowest gear and see if the tires will get some traction
  • Turn the steering wheel so the wheels are straight and rock from reverse to drive but only a few times - you will know very quickly if this will work.  Rocking from reverse to drive can damage your car if overdone.
  • Find something to put under the tires for traction. (This is what worked for me today)  Boards, sticks, rocks, an old blanket or (as a last resort) your floor mats.
  • Still stuck?  It is time to call for a tow truck...
Welcome to life on the hobby farm! The adventures of rural living can challenge your patience and your creativity but every hard-won victory brings joy.  

Thanks for visiting today, I'm so glad you stopped by. I'm sending you good thoughts for your tires to always gain traction!  

Peace be with you, 

Star Schipp 

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