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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Have you read this book? Join me and we can read it together

If you are anything like me, you long to live a better, more healthy, natural life.  Skills that our great-grandmothers were taught early on are no longer passed from generation to generation.  Well, let's just turn that trend around!

Whether you already live in the country or plan to someday, join me in learning new skills and hopefully have some fun along the way.

 What if you live right in the middle of the city with dreams of being a farm girl?   I'm sure we can find ways to adapt these skills to that lifestyle too.  After all, John and Martha Storey started with three tomato plants and a copy of Organic Gardening and now have a large selection of books available to teach us all the skills we long to learn.

We can work through a couple of chapters a month and by this time next year we will have lots of new skills.  So, what are some skills that you have been wanting to learn?  Please comment!



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