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Thursday, November 20, 2014

What's That Wonderful Smell?

I love it when my home smells good, don't you?  According to Psychology Today, scents can have beneficial effects even if you don't constantly notice them - of course, if it is a scent that brings unpleasant memories, you would want to avoid it.

But, when you associate good memories with particular scents, it makes good sense (or scents LOL) to surround yourself with them.  I used to use scented candles to create this atmosphere in my home but have become concerned with the potential for lead or petroleum products being in those candles.  I now use high quality essential oils in a diffuser to create this welcoming atmosphere in our home.

Different scents can add to the mood you want to create.  Lemon or Jasmine are thought to help with cognitive functions so the next time you are helping your child with those algebra problems, put one of those in your diffuser.  Need help sticking with your workout on the treadmill?  Try diffusing Peppermint and it will boost your performance.  Need an afternoon pick me up to finish your to do list?  Use Rosemary or Grapefruit and it will pep you right up.  Want to do some creative writing?  Diffuse Cinnamon or Vanilla to boost your creativity.

Speaking of Cinnamon, it is my most favorite scent to diffuse this week.  It brings a comforting, cozy atmosphere to our home that is in contrast to the shorter and colder days of the season.  It is really fun to mix up your own blends for your diffuser.  I like to mix a few drops of Cinnamon, Nutmeg and Clove and it smells like I have spent the day baking.  So BE INTENTIONAL and create the scent-memories you want your family to carry with them for the day.  Whenever they come across that scent in the future, they will have the wonderful memory of home.

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