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Thursday, December 11, 2014

5 Reasons to Make Essential Oil Solid Perfume Plus DIY Instructions

      I am going to show my age here but I have a fragrance memory from my teen years in the ‘70's.  I took some of my babysitting money and bought myself a compact of Sweet Earth Fragrance and I loved it!  I think I bought the Woodland one first and later received the Grasses one as a Christmas gift and I remember enjoying them so much.  It was easy to give myself a fragrant lift throughout the day because the solid fragrance compact fit so well in my denim purse.  Truth be told, I probably over-applied it.  I shudder to think about what chemicals were actually in those fragrances.  It is so good now to have a choice to have a wonderful scent memory and have more control over the ingredients.

5 Reasons to Consider Making Your Own Solid Perfumes

1.  Create your own unique, signature scent
        Commercially available perfumes may be worn by thousands of women. 

2.  Solid perfumes travel well 
      No worries about your perfume spilling over in your purse or luggage. 

3.  Control over ingredients 
      Perfumes may cause exposure to phthalates, chemicals and synthetic fragrances which have                been linked to illness both acute and chronic.  Some ingredients can come from animals like                beavers or musk deer.  

4.  Saves money 
        Perfumes costs can range from around $20 to well over $100.  Making your own will cost a                 fraction of that. 

5.  Decreased use of resources from packaging  
        Commercially available fragrances are heavily marketed and come with large amounts of                      packing materials.  The containers you choose to hold your fragrances are re-usable. 

Make Your Own Essential Oil Solid Perfume


1 Tablespoon Olive Oil

¾ to 1 Tablespoon beeswax – depending upon how solid you want your perfume

25 drops essential oil(s)  - you can make it with a single oil or any combination you like


Small pot to hold about 1 inch of water

Glass container to fit inside the small pot to make a double boiler

Wooden stirrer

Container to mix oils

Container to hold finished perfume (example:  small metal tins or glass containers with lids, even lockets work and make a wonderful gift)


1.  In a small container, mix olive oil and essential oils and set aside. 

2.  Set up a double boiler with the glass container sitting in the water in the pot.  Have about 1 inch          of water in the pot.  This double boiler set up is vital!  Beeswax is flammable.  Place beeswax
     in the container and heat the water over low heat until wax is melted.  Be sure not to splash any
     water into the beeswax. 

3.  While still in the double boiler, add the oil mix to the melted wax and still well to combine.  If
      wax seizes after the addition of the oil, continue to heat until melted completely. 

4.  Remove from heat and carefully pour into your selected container for your perfume. 

5.  Allow to cool completely before using.  

Enjoy your new scent or give as a heartfelt, handmade gift. 

Some combinations I like are (yes, I still like earthy, nature scents): 
  • Patchouli-Orange
  • Sandalwood
  • Lavender-Vanilla

I would love to see your comments with some other fragrance combinations you enjoy.    

Tomorrow is Farmgirl Friday and I will post on my progress toward the Cleaning Up – Going Green Badge. 

Peace be with you,

Star Schipp 

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  1. This is another idea for my handmade Christmas for 2015. I am leaning towards a combination of lavender lemon and rosemary.