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Friday, December 19, 2014

Why I Can't Break Up with My Dishwasher PLUS a Recipe for Homemade Dishwasher Tablets

Thank God for dirty dishes; 

They have a tale to tell. 

While others may go hungry, 

We're eating very well

With home, health and happiness, 

I shouldn't want to fuss; 

By the stack of evidence, 

God's been very good to us.
Author Unknown

I have a homemaking confession....I really, really, really dislike doing dishes.   I do not know the reason....I have no trauma to tell.....It is most certainly my least favorite daily task to do in my home.  

I like keeping my home a place of comfort, peace and joy but I turn into one grouchy Mama when I see that sink full of dishes.  

I know...I know...shameful isn't it...I mean, be thankful that there was food to serve your growing thankful for the time spent lingering at the table talking about the days thankful that you can stand at the sink and have hot water ready at the tap and clean the dishes to be ready for the next meal.  I can intellectually understand all those things....but I still insisted on a dishwasher. 

I can hear the reasons to NOT  have a dishwasher: 
  •  Sometimes not all the dishes get completely clean
  • Working together with someone else washing and drying dishes is a perfect time to catch up on conversation
  • Built in dishwashers take up a lot of prime kitchen space
  • The physical act of washing dishes is a good transition point in the day to move from work to rest.  Once the kitchen is put to bead for the night, the rest of the house settles down too. 
  • Special dishwasher soap is expensive
  • If you have special dishes or tools that shouldn't go in the dishwasher, you may hesitate to use them.  
  • It uses electricity unnecessarily.  
Here are my reasons why I DO use a dishwasher:  

  • Convenience - and no fussing over whose turn it is to do the dishes - it is the machine's turn
  • Can save water - many dishwashers use 11 liters of water per load (sink washing may use up to 20 liters)
  • Increased Hygiene - Dishwashers use hotter water than I can stand to have my hands in plus steam which kills more bacteria. 
  • Easier on my hands - "dishpan" hands hurt! 
  • Less clutter in the kitchen - no more stacking dishes in the sink!  Put them in the dishwasher and shut the door. 
  • Saves effort and wards off the grouchiness - for me at least.  

So for now, at least while I still have many people living in my home, I'm opting for the dishwasher.  I hope everyone will understand.  This quest for a more simple lifestyle, for me, is sometimes in large leaps and sometimes in tiny little steps.  Maybe, one day, I'll be inspired to work on a MaryJanesFarm merit badge and break up with my dishwasher...but not just yet.  :)  

 Here is a recipe for making your own Dishwasher Tablets at home:  


1 cup borax

1 cup washing soda

1/2 cup salt

1/2 cup lemon juice

foam egg cartons


Mix together the borax, washing soda and salt in a bowl. 

 Slowly add the lemon juice until the mixture is packable, like

wet sand, you can add more lemon juice if it seems too dry. 

 Pack about 1 Tablespoon of the mixture into the cups of the

 egg carton.  Let sit out to air dry.  When completely dry, they

 are ready to use.  I store mine right in the egg carton and 

just pop one out when it is time to do the dishes.  

One last thing - I owe one huge thank you to one of my daughters who have graciously been doing the dishes for the past few months - I do so appreciate it.  

How many of our readers use a dishwasher and how many do not?  Take our poll over on the right to see....

Tomorrow is Skills Saturday and we will discuss the Essential Tools for your Hobby Farm.  Hope you stop by!  

Peace be with you, 

Star Schipp 

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  1. I like a dishwasher too. Never had one growing up. I guess us kids were the dishwashers. I never had one most of my married life but I do now and I LOVE IT!!!